Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Marquee LIght on a Pallet

Hey y'all sorry Ive been slightly MIA, but with an impromptu trip to Vegas and getting ready for back to school Id say Ive been kinda busy, ha!  Anywho this weekend I decided to tackle a few projects Ive been wanting to do and oh boy did I go to work.  I find that once I really get into the mode of crafting and creating I just cant stop! I managed to finish 3 projects this weekend so needless to say I feel pretty accomplished. Anywho I'm super excited to share with y'all my DIY Marquee Light on a Pallet, this is a project that has been in the works since early July, but I finally got around to finishing it up.

So first the Marquee light, the reason it took me so long to complete this project was because initially I wanted the marquee light to be made out of wood, I wanted something sturdy and more permanent.  Well needless to say that became more of a hassle than I thought it would be.  Its totally doable, but it was so time consuming! I figured I would eventually get to it but weeks went by, and I figured I was over it.  Well this past week as I was lounging around with my littlest, I thought I would give it a go with a cardboard letter from Joann's. Ive been totally against doing it with a cardboard letter because I thought it would look cheap and be kinda flimsy, well to my surprise I thought it looked pretty amazing! So here we go this what I did....

I purchase a 23.5 card board letter(paper mache) for $4.50, I used a 50% off coupon and purchased a small can of spray paint for around $2.50, I also used a 40% off coupon.

I drilled the wholes but you can easily make the wholes with a kitchen knife.

After I made the wholes, I sprayed painted the letter!

The lights I purchased at Target, but I will admit I had a hard time finding them.  With the holidays coming you might have some better luck, I paid about 12 bucks for them. So the back doesn't look very glamorous, but I knew I would be hanging the letter or placing it against a wall so I didn't bother with a back for it.


Ta-Da! I was super impress since I wasn't sure how well it would look with a cardboard letter, but to my surprise it wasn't as flimsy as I thought it would be.

Well I didn't stop there I took it a step further! Ive had a handful of pallets just hanging around and this particular one I was going to use as a shelf since the size was perfect, not too small not too big. I decided to scratch the whole shelf idea and use it to display my letter. I sanded down the pallet!

Used some wood conditioner to softened the wood and it helps take in the stain better

After staining it I placed the letter against the pallet, at this point I will still debating if I wanted to go through with it, ha! I hammered a nail towards the top of the pallet so the letter would hang.

Umm yeah, I'm in love!

Aaaaahhhhhh! What a beauty, huh!
This by far is the biggest project Ive done, I tend to shy away from big projects because I'm so flaky and quickly lose interest in the things Ive created, but I'm pretty obsessed with this one! The best part is the hubbs LOVED it! He normally isn't very crazy about my eclectic style, but he thought I did a great job. Oh yeah and it cost me around 20 bucks to complete this project, winning!!! 

Alrighty guys I would love to hear your feed back! What are you thinking? Yay or Nay?
Have you tried making a Marquee light? Anywho, as always thank you for stopping by and keeping checking back Ive got more to show you.

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