Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sugar Pie Bench

So what do you know and entry that actually involves crafting, lol! ok let me just get this out of the way and say that my last post was very therapeutic, and the hubby won and we went camping! thats a story of its own.
Anywho so lets talk crafting! So yesterday I decided to change up my "holiday" bench which is now my wannabe "hutch".  So after changing up the front room I moved my bench into the dinning area and initially thought about keeping it just the way it was which was just for the holidays, but I was over the decor and decided to change it up.   It started off with the sign that took maybe an hr to do only bc I had to wait for the stain to dry, well initially I was going to do a FARMHOUSE sign and stencil it in, but a SUGAR PIE sign that I had seen somewhere on line kept popping up in my head.  So I took some chalk and wrote in the words to see if I liked the look of it and I totally did! very crafty, very homemade, so I decided to paint it on.  At this point I still wanted to use it in my kitchen, but I thought it was so random since theres not much going on in there yet, I thought why not the bench.

Well I already had a few pie things related like my red pie safe that I LOVE!

Also I had made these black pie stands out of candle sticks I had bought at goodwill and some wood that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, just a little gorilla glue and spray paint!
Anywho I was happy to have enough things to do this pie theme bc for some reason Im into pie's right now. needless to say I havent baked any pies lately, lol but I love the idea of it, haha! So this is the finish product, and Im pretty happy with it.  I think it makes sense since its in my dinning area and I had been wanting to display the pie stands for awhile, but didnt have anywhere to put them that looked just right!

Anywho I hope you guys enjoyed this post bc I sure did enjoy putting my Sugar Pie bench together!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Truth is...

Well I can't believe Im going to write about this, but here it goes, the truth is I suffer from depression and anxiety.  I guess Im choosing to write about this because Ive been pretty down lately and feel pretty crappy to be honest.  Last week I felt good and did a lot of crafting and things seem to be going well but just within last few days I havent been so great and my blog is a source for me to vent so now you guys are stuck hearing my sob story, lol!
Right after I had Camilla I was diagnosed with postpartum depression, but the truth is Ive dealt with this for awhile and it just so happen that after I had my little Camilla it got worse, and I could no longer handle it myself.  I was put on medication and things got a lot better but within the last 2 months or so the medication has not been working as well and dont worry Im seeing my dr. soon ; )
I hate how this illness, disorder, whatever you want to call it has affected my life I swear when I see that cymbalta commercial(antidepressant medication) I feel like Im the poster child for that commercial bc I swear at my lowest thats so me.  I think what I hate the most about it other than EVERYTHING is my lack of interest in wanting to do things. Earlier this morning the hubby and I got into a bit of an argument bc we've had this camping trip thingy planned for a couple of months and this morning I just was not up for it.  Its hard for him to understand what Im going through, and I get it bc  I sometimes dont understand it myself. I think it just makes me sad that not only does this affect me but it affects my family too and that totally stinks!
Im choosing to share this bc venting helps me and makes me feel better, but Im also hoping that other people can relate to my story.  This is not something I'm embarrassed about its just something I have to deal with, and Im pretty open about it!  I have my  ups, and I have my downs and these are the cards I have been dealt with and I just need to know how to play them right.  Right now Im not the happiest, but Im going to fix that!
Anywho so this is my story or at least a very very short version of it, but Im sure with time I will write about it some more.  THANKS for taking some time to read this crazy story! hopefully the next one will actually involve crafts, lol!

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Front Room

So Ive been away for a couple of days but needless to say Ive been crafting away : ) Im super excited to be sharing picts of the projects I've been working on, but you'll have to wait another day or 2.  Ive been working on the girls playroom which is our front room, its not a very traditional place to have a play room since most people try to hide their kids mess, but I hate wasted space and thats what that front room was starting to be.  We've lived in our home for about a year now, and Im constantly changing things around which is why Ive only managed to work on our downstairs bc by the time Im done I already hate it.

The front room originally started as a play room but I quickly changed my mind. Then a shabby chic room with baby blue color wall and whites in the room, not sure what I was thinking, I have kids I cant keep white clean! oh and lets not for get our dog Bronx our boxer drools on everything!!! So then I figured it would be my holiday room, I would only worry about decorating that front room for holidays, but I wasnt sticking to that rule. Somewhere in between all that my hubby wanted to buy a piano and put it in there, but that also didnt happen since he decided to go with the motorcycle instead.

Anywho so a few weeks ago I had a craft night with 2 of my really good friends and my neighbor and we had a total of 7 kiddos running around and well it was loud, lol, and I just felt like there wasnt a designated area for them to play.  They would go to the backyard but not for long, plus its not very big, they would hang out in Bella's room which is upstairs which is fine, but we constantly took turns checking up on them, and the worst place of all was the dinning area bc we were there and it was so hard to hold a conversation. Well eventually towards the end of the night they made their way to front room and played there for the rest of the night which was PERFECT! we could see them just fine, but it wasnt as loud.  The only problem is that it was my holiday room at that time so they were playing with things they shouldnt have been playing with, but overall it was good.  So within a couple of days I decided that it needed to be the playroom again, plus with the baby blue wall its the only thing that would make sense.

So color scheme in the room is baby blue, red, and pink! LOVE! Those were originally some of the colors I wanted all over the house but the hubby wasnt having it ; ) So in the last 2 days Ive done a lovely wreath, decorated and old window, currently working on making a chalkboard, which is done just needs some decorating, and finally a bench I built about a week ago I think I might try to make it work in the room.  I hope you guys like what Ive done bc Im pretty happy, for now anyways : 0

Sneak Peek!

Dont forget to swing by again for more picts of the girls play room!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to get my crafting mojo back

So my initially reason of wanting to start my own blog was because  I wanted to share some of the crafts Ive done, but like previously mentioned Ive kinda lost my mojo.  I go to Pinterest and pin away all the things i want to do and then I just don't or at least not recently. I make excuses after excuses, and I just want to be done with this lack of interest I have going on, with everything really.  How do I do that? hmm not really sure but Im hoping the end of this drought is near.
I also have come to the conclusion that I must lose 10lbs. its a must! i think over all it will make me feel better and actually will make me want to craft some more and really get me back into the things I was enjoying.  Im 28, and this is it, no more kiddos for me and there is no reason I should feel uncomfortable with my body.
Ok well as usual I pick the wrong time to write on my blog, as I type away I have 2 kiddos in bed with the hubby and I causing a bunch of craziness and my hubby seems to be napping through the whole thing.
My apologizes in advance if you are not getting the craftiness you were expecting out of this blog, but for now its a work in progress, and Im trying to figure out the direction of this blog. ok until next time!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello Everyone!

My name is Denise, Im a stay at home mommy to 2 beautiful girls, Isabella 6 and Camilla 1 1/2, and Im  also a proud Marine wife.  So awhile back I decided I wanted to start up my own blog but it wasn't till a couple of nights ago that I finally decided to do it. My hubby thinks its kinda silly, but I think its going to be good for me. Anywho so basically Im going to be blogging about anything and everything thats going in my life, I see this blog as a form of therapy for me, lol! HAHA ok but seriously I LOVE TO CRAFT! Ive always been a crafter but this year especially!  My husband was deployed this year pass year and crafting really helped me get through this hard time and semi kept my sanity intact.  Since he's been back I feel like I've lost a little bit of my mojo because I rather be spending time w him and the family, but I still try to make some time for it.
Ok seriously I have been trying to type up this intro for like the pass hr. but with these 2 girls bugging, and the hubby complaining about how hungry he is, they're driving me NUTTY!

Ok really quick, Im also a DIY wannabe, ha ha!  Just within the last week Ive built 2 benches which still need to be painted, I'll have to post picts once Im done.

Ok OK, I must go now! My family is lost without me!