Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to get my crafting mojo back

So my initially reason of wanting to start my own blog was because  I wanted to share some of the crafts Ive done, but like previously mentioned Ive kinda lost my mojo.  I go to Pinterest and pin away all the things i want to do and then I just don't or at least not recently. I make excuses after excuses, and I just want to be done with this lack of interest I have going on, with everything really.  How do I do that? hmm not really sure but Im hoping the end of this drought is near.
I also have come to the conclusion that I must lose 10lbs. its a must! i think over all it will make me feel better and actually will make me want to craft some more and really get me back into the things I was enjoying.  Im 28, and this is it, no more kiddos for me and there is no reason I should feel uncomfortable with my body.
Ok well as usual I pick the wrong time to write on my blog, as I type away I have 2 kiddos in bed with the hubby and I causing a bunch of craziness and my hubby seems to be napping through the whole thing.
My apologizes in advance if you are not getting the craftiness you were expecting out of this blog, but for now its a work in progress, and Im trying to figure out the direction of this blog. ok until next time!

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