Friday, October 12, 2012

The Front Room

So Ive been away for a couple of days but needless to say Ive been crafting away : ) Im super excited to be sharing picts of the projects I've been working on, but you'll have to wait another day or 2.  Ive been working on the girls playroom which is our front room, its not a very traditional place to have a play room since most people try to hide their kids mess, but I hate wasted space and thats what that front room was starting to be.  We've lived in our home for about a year now, and Im constantly changing things around which is why Ive only managed to work on our downstairs bc by the time Im done I already hate it.

The front room originally started as a play room but I quickly changed my mind. Then a shabby chic room with baby blue color wall and whites in the room, not sure what I was thinking, I have kids I cant keep white clean! oh and lets not for get our dog Bronx our boxer drools on everything!!! So then I figured it would be my holiday room, I would only worry about decorating that front room for holidays, but I wasnt sticking to that rule. Somewhere in between all that my hubby wanted to buy a piano and put it in there, but that also didnt happen since he decided to go with the motorcycle instead.

Anywho so a few weeks ago I had a craft night with 2 of my really good friends and my neighbor and we had a total of 7 kiddos running around and well it was loud, lol, and I just felt like there wasnt a designated area for them to play.  They would go to the backyard but not for long, plus its not very big, they would hang out in Bella's room which is upstairs which is fine, but we constantly took turns checking up on them, and the worst place of all was the dinning area bc we were there and it was so hard to hold a conversation. Well eventually towards the end of the night they made their way to front room and played there for the rest of the night which was PERFECT! we could see them just fine, but it wasnt as loud.  The only problem is that it was my holiday room at that time so they were playing with things they shouldnt have been playing with, but overall it was good.  So within a couple of days I decided that it needed to be the playroom again, plus with the baby blue wall its the only thing that would make sense.

So color scheme in the room is baby blue, red, and pink! LOVE! Those were originally some of the colors I wanted all over the house but the hubby wasnt having it ; ) So in the last 2 days Ive done a lovely wreath, decorated and old window, currently working on making a chalkboard, which is done just needs some decorating, and finally a bench I built about a week ago I think I might try to make it work in the room.  I hope you guys like what Ive done bc Im pretty happy, for now anyways : 0

Sneak Peek!

Dont forget to swing by again for more picts of the girls play room!

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