Saturday, June 29, 2013

Julian, Ca

Oh Julian, how I love thee! Julian is a wonderful small town about 60 miles north of San Diego and its known for their delicious apple pie. Its a darling place where you go and spend the day visiting the quaint shops,  eating up the yummy food, and enjoying the apple pie.  We try to visit Julian at least once a year and its usually in the summer, but Im not really sure what I was thinking  since it was almost 100 degrees out today, needless to say it made for an interesting time but it was still amazing.

On our way to Julian...

We made it!

Our first stop was to get some lunch! This was our first time at The Julian Grille and it didnt disappoint. 

Sweet Walnut Salad, Oh so yummy!

Where to go next?

Oh, this sign makes me oh, so happy!


Love me some soda crates!

We always stop by the Cider Mill and pick up some treats.

Chocolate covered gummi bears are my favorite and was happy to bring some home, but I really wished I would have bought a few more things.

It was finally time, after walking up and down the main street we were finally ready for their famous Apple Pie!

Plain old apple pie, except theres nothing plain about it, apple pie with whipped cream, and apple pie with sharp cheddar.

They were are all yummy, but apple pie with sharp cheddar was the winner!

After Pie they were ready to head home!

I also wanted to share the one thing I brought home with me, well other than the left over slice of pie and gummi bears, I purchased this adorable little nest with two eggs that stand for my 2 little ones. Im the mama bird with her 2 little eggs, ha ha! These are the little things that make your house a home, its personal little touches that are in your home that make all the difference.

I hope you guys enjoyed being part of our day in Julian, we really enjoyed our family time and cant wait to go back.

Please feel free to comment and keep checking back! Thank you as always for checking in!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Go To List

Hi y'all! So on my last post Thrift Store Junkie I showed you 2 of the thrift stores I shop at often, and I figured I should let you guys in on my little secret and share with you what it is I'm looking for.  Its pretty obvious that I love vintage and vintage at a good price, but I do have this list that I always keep in mind when I'm out shopping .  The list consist of about a handful of things that I'm crazy about, and the reality is anything a little different with some character will catch my eye too.

In no specific order....

1.  Vintage Kitchen- bread boxes, linens, mason jars, kitchen scales, tin storage cans, just to name a few

2. Globes/Maps- Vintage or not vintage I'm a sucker for a globe!

3. Vintage Books- Its about the illustration, the feel, and even the color of the book.

4. Anything handmade- crochet & embroidery

5. Vintage Furniture- Anything rusty, chipped off wood, unique 

So last night I stopped by at the Salvation Army and found some neat things that I was excited to share with y'all especially since I didn't find anything last time. The first thing I found was this frame and what caught my eye was the pink flower, I loved the bright color!  I liked the subject matter too, who doesn't love flowers?, and it was handmade. In a nutshell its grannie chic!

Second was this large mason jar, I didn't care if it was vintage or not I had been eyeing these large mason jars at Hobby Lobby but didn't want to pay regular price.  I paid under $2 for it and it is VINTAGE, score! The way to know if your Ball mason jar is vintage is the by lettering, Ive used this page before to date my mason jars and its really informative you guys should check it out  Anywho based on this page my jar is dated from 1933-1960, aaaaahhhhh, I love it! I do have several vintage mason jars that I have purchased at antique stores, but this is my first find at a thrift store.

Finally, I purchased this vintage children's book.  This is one of those items that just jumped out at me, and I was instantly excited about.  I had three other books in my cart that were also vintage they looked great paired up together, but they weren't screaming at me like this book did. As soon as I saw it I loved everything about it, the illustration, the coloring, it was just perfect! Needless to say I put back the other books and brought this one home.

Oh here's another little secret, when I go to the thrift store my goal is not to spend more than $10, its a small budget but this is what makes think twice about the things I'm getting.  On this haul I spent  $6.46, wooohooo! under budget.

Anywho I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I was excited to shared my thrift finds, and I'm totally obsessed right now, ha! Pls keep checking back I have a few post lined up and a small DIY project that my hubby has taken on as a bday gift. As always please feel free to comment, I would love to here about your finds.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Thrift Store Junkie!

So this week my mission was to go to two of my favorite thrift stores and show you my finds of the week.  To be honest it wasnt much of a mission since Im there all the time, but I did feel the pressure since I was hoping to find some great things to show you guys.

My first stop was the good old Salvation Army! This store is huge and you can always count on finding something, except I didn't! Ha!
Find your local Salvation Army here!

They always have all sorts of furniture outside!

There was a great sale going on, furniture is for the most part always 50% off but even then I will admit that they can be pricey with their furniture pieces.

Books, Books, Books! 

Vintage Suitcases! Pinterest has some amazing ideas for these.

and some more furniture....

Can you believe I didnt buy a thing, The honest truth is that Ive started to get very selective with the things I purchase at the thrift store.  I went through a phase that even if I wasnt crazy about something but the price was right and I sort of liked it then I would just get it.  Now in order for the me to get something I have to squeal like a little girl when I see the item, ha! No, but seriously I have to get really excited about whatever I come across in order for me to buy it. So this time around there was nothing I was crazy about at the Salvation Army.

My next stop was Goodwill! This store is about 3 miles away from my house so anytime I get the sudden need to take on a project or have an itch for a vintage find this is my go to store.  Its always a hit or miss there! The store is smaller, but this is where I  bought one of my all time favorite furniture pieces thats in my home.  Its a lovely bench that is now in the girls playroom, which I'll have to show you one day.
Find your local Goodwill here!

I walked up and down the isles and right about the time I was ready to give up there it was, THE GLOBE! I love me some globes. The globes I have now Ive purchased off of ebay for decent prices, but I didnt think Id ever come across  a globe at the thrift store. I paid $8.99 for this beauty!

JOY to the WORLD!
 Globes are the first thing I have truly started to collect, I do have have this stinking bad habit of once I find something Im crazy about I want to buy a second and a third, but Im up to 4 globes so Id say thats a collection now, ha! I fully intend to show you my little Joy to the World corner on and upcoming post.

Thanks for checking out this weeks post!
Please feel free to comment and keep coming back! Ive got more to show you!

On as side note my friend Ashley loves when I use to word totes on here, so this is for her TOTES, TOTES, TOTES, TOTES, and some more TOTES! ha ha ha!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I want to start off this post by saying thank you to those who have taken the time to read my blog.  I realize its a bit amateur, but this is my space and who knows maybe one day I'll be a "BIG" thing, ha! probably not. But seriously this is just me getting down and dirty with my never ending crafts, the constant rearranging of my home, and my one true goal to make our house feel homey.
 I have gained such a boost of confidence hearing all the nice things you guys have said, and honestly Im a bit intimidated too! I figure a couple of you might glance at my blog, but didnt really think Id get any feedback.  I should just be thankful its all good so far!  Anywho just a BIG Thank You, and I hope I dont disappoint.

Alrighty then, so a Summer Bucket List! How many of you are doing them? I totally jumped on that bandwagon, and Im so glad I did.  When you have kiddos you gotta constantly keep them busy and entertained, and this bucket list is sort of keeping us parents on track in doing so.  If anything its making me feel accountable and not wanting to let down the kiddos. Ha, I think I'm making this seem too serious, but of course its all fun in games! The Bucket List is not just for the kids its for grown-ups too! so needless to say I added a thing or two on our list. Ok so here it is....

I decided to do our bucket list on a white board that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for around 9 bucks! I stained the edges just so it would be a little darker and to make it my own.  Another great option is using a chalkboard, I love me a chalkboard, but I have one too many and wanted something different.   As for how we came up with our list, well there was some help from Pinterest and other things we just came up on our own. This was super simple and easy to do, and has really helped with making our summer thus far super fun!  Also this picture was taken with by phone and uploaded through Instagram, but I used this wonderful app called Beautiful Mess which allows you to make your pictures  extra fun and pretty! oh! and of course Ive printed out these picture using Printicular.
 Anywho, keep scrolling down so you can see more pictures of things we've completed on our Bucket list

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oh where to begin....

So needless to say Ive been MIA! The reality is that I have commitment issues, ha! From the moment I started this blog I thought what am I getting myself into and as quickly as I got in, I got out! Well not really, my blog was still here, I just stopped posting! Not because of the lack of things to say or things to show you but once again that word COMMITMENT comes up, I just didn't want to commit, it seemed too scary.  Anywho Im back for now, and I cant guarantee for how long, but hopefully I can keep up bc I constantly have projects in the works and think "oh I should blog about that" and then I just don't. Ok so the real reason Im giving this a shot again is bc within the last week I've had a friend ask about my blog and another told me I should have one, and the reality is that I think this potentially could lead to something good, but oh who knows.
Anyways so now that Ive decided to post something, Im sure you want to see what I've been up to, and Ive been up to so much, so much that I didn't know where to begin, ha! But since Im still new at this whole blogging thing and documenting the whole process of completing a project, I decided to start with something I do have a few pictures of and that is my Instagram picture projects.
Im beyond obsessed with Instagram! I love the many apps you can use to make your pictures oh so pretty, and those Instagram filters, I mean enough said. Ive only been on Instagram for about 6 months, but in those 6 months Ive managed to take over 1000 pictures of oh you know EVERYTHING! Even though I have a really nice expensive camera, that yes I still do use, theres nothing like taking a quick snap and making it pretty within seconds and posting to share with everyone you know.  Anyways enough blabbing here are some pictures Ive posted using this awesome app called Printicular, which prints your pictures at your local Walgreens for 39 cents a print. Also theres currently a coupon/code if you enter Partner25 at check out you get 25% off your total, pretty awesome!

Ok, so this is what they look like once printed out they come in two sizes 4x4 and 8x8, Ive only printed out the 4x4's and absolutely love them! Totes Adorbs!

This is the first project I did with the pictures of course Pinterest inspired.  I had tried doing this before with regular pictures and it just wasnt the same until I was able to print the 4x4 size.  The frame I bought at this cute thrift store for 6 bucks, and I think it might have been 25% off too, I painted it white since I figure I couldnt go wrong with that color, ha! I purchased the clothes pins at Hobby Lobby and then stained them just so they would be a little darker.  The felt ball garland I also LOVE! I went through and obsession with felt balls a few months ago, but I have now managed to control that obsession, lol! I purchased the felt balls off of an Etsy shop. The gumball machine and white distressed cabinet were thrift store finds and the aqua tool box was an antique store find.
My next use for these pictures was again just a quick little banner hanging off my new vintage cart which is my current obsession as far as furniture pieces goes.  Decorated the banner just with some yellow burlap at the end, which hello who doesnt love burlap.  My cart is currently decorated with some vintage finds ebay, thrift, and antique stores.

Finally, I did once again a little banner this time using strips of fabrics and just attaching the pictures once again with clothes pins, as you can tell banners/bunting/garlands YES another obsession! Also I got those two free printables of off Pinterest, you can get such cute printables off of there or purchase some off of Etsy.

As of now this is what Ive completed using the Fabulous Instagram pictures, although I still have some prints and of course many more pictures I want to print out, and I also have a project in mind using and old window.  I have a friend who recently did a project using and old window and it came out lovely, mine will be a little different, but Im not 100% sure if thats what I really want to do, anywho you"ll have to check back to find out what I do next!

On a side note this is probably why I dont blog, I went downstairs to find my 6 yr old making a hot mess on the kitchen floor, my 2 yr following her around, and my husband who admits he wasnt watching them, aaahhhh!