Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Go To List

Hi y'all! So on my last post Thrift Store Junkie I showed you 2 of the thrift stores I shop at often, and I figured I should let you guys in on my little secret and share with you what it is I'm looking for.  Its pretty obvious that I love vintage and vintage at a good price, but I do have this list that I always keep in mind when I'm out shopping .  The list consist of about a handful of things that I'm crazy about, and the reality is anything a little different with some character will catch my eye too.

In no specific order....

1.  Vintage Kitchen- bread boxes, linens, mason jars, kitchen scales, tin storage cans, just to name a few

2. Globes/Maps- Vintage or not vintage I'm a sucker for a globe!

3. Vintage Books- Its about the illustration, the feel, and even the color of the book.

4. Anything handmade- crochet & embroidery

5. Vintage Furniture- Anything rusty, chipped off wood, unique 

So last night I stopped by at the Salvation Army and found some neat things that I was excited to share with y'all especially since I didn't find anything last time. The first thing I found was this frame and what caught my eye was the pink flower, I loved the bright color!  I liked the subject matter too, who doesn't love flowers?, and it was handmade. In a nutshell its grannie chic!

Second was this large mason jar, I didn't care if it was vintage or not I had been eyeing these large mason jars at Hobby Lobby but didn't want to pay regular price.  I paid under $2 for it and it is VINTAGE, score! The way to know if your Ball mason jar is vintage is the by lettering, Ive used this page before to date my mason jars and its really informative you guys should check it out  Anywho based on this page my jar is dated from 1933-1960, aaaaahhhhh, I love it! I do have several vintage mason jars that I have purchased at antique stores, but this is my first find at a thrift store.

Finally, I purchased this vintage children's book.  This is one of those items that just jumped out at me, and I was instantly excited about.  I had three other books in my cart that were also vintage they looked great paired up together, but they weren't screaming at me like this book did. As soon as I saw it I loved everything about it, the illustration, the coloring, it was just perfect! Needless to say I put back the other books and brought this one home.

Oh here's another little secret, when I go to the thrift store my goal is not to spend more than $10, its a small budget but this is what makes think twice about the things I'm getting.  On this haul I spent  $6.46, wooohooo! under budget.

Anywho I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I was excited to shared my thrift finds, and I'm totally obsessed right now, ha! Pls keep checking back I have a few post lined up and a small DIY project that my hubby has taken on as a bday gift. As always please feel free to comment, I would love to here about your finds.

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