Monday, June 24, 2013

Thrift Store Junkie!

So this week my mission was to go to two of my favorite thrift stores and show you my finds of the week.  To be honest it wasnt much of a mission since Im there all the time, but I did feel the pressure since I was hoping to find some great things to show you guys.

My first stop was the good old Salvation Army! This store is huge and you can always count on finding something, except I didn't! Ha!
Find your local Salvation Army here!

They always have all sorts of furniture outside!

There was a great sale going on, furniture is for the most part always 50% off but even then I will admit that they can be pricey with their furniture pieces.

Books, Books, Books! 

Vintage Suitcases! Pinterest has some amazing ideas for these.

and some more furniture....

Can you believe I didnt buy a thing, The honest truth is that Ive started to get very selective with the things I purchase at the thrift store.  I went through a phase that even if I wasnt crazy about something but the price was right and I sort of liked it then I would just get it.  Now in order for the me to get something I have to squeal like a little girl when I see the item, ha! No, but seriously I have to get really excited about whatever I come across in order for me to buy it. So this time around there was nothing I was crazy about at the Salvation Army.

My next stop was Goodwill! This store is about 3 miles away from my house so anytime I get the sudden need to take on a project or have an itch for a vintage find this is my go to store.  Its always a hit or miss there! The store is smaller, but this is where I  bought one of my all time favorite furniture pieces thats in my home.  Its a lovely bench that is now in the girls playroom, which I'll have to show you one day.
Find your local Goodwill here!

I walked up and down the isles and right about the time I was ready to give up there it was, THE GLOBE! I love me some globes. The globes I have now Ive purchased off of ebay for decent prices, but I didnt think Id ever come across  a globe at the thrift store. I paid $8.99 for this beauty!

JOY to the WORLD!
 Globes are the first thing I have truly started to collect, I do have have this stinking bad habit of once I find something Im crazy about I want to buy a second and a third, but Im up to 4 globes so Id say thats a collection now, ha! I fully intend to show you my little Joy to the World corner on and upcoming post.

Thanks for checking out this weeks post!
Please feel free to comment and keep coming back! Ive got more to show you!

On as side note my friend Ashley loves when I use to word totes on here, so this is for her TOTES, TOTES, TOTES, TOTES, and some more TOTES! ha ha ha!

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