Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I want to start off this post by saying thank you to those who have taken the time to read my blog.  I realize its a bit amateur, but this is my space and who knows maybe one day I'll be a "BIG" thing, ha! probably not. But seriously this is just me getting down and dirty with my never ending crafts, the constant rearranging of my home, and my one true goal to make our house feel homey.
 I have gained such a boost of confidence hearing all the nice things you guys have said, and honestly Im a bit intimidated too! I figure a couple of you might glance at my blog, but didnt really think Id get any feedback.  I should just be thankful its all good so far!  Anywho just a BIG Thank You, and I hope I dont disappoint.

Alrighty then, so a Summer Bucket List! How many of you are doing them? I totally jumped on that bandwagon, and Im so glad I did.  When you have kiddos you gotta constantly keep them busy and entertained, and this bucket list is sort of keeping us parents on track in doing so.  If anything its making me feel accountable and not wanting to let down the kiddos. Ha, I think I'm making this seem too serious, but of course its all fun in games! The Bucket List is not just for the kids its for grown-ups too! so needless to say I added a thing or two on our list. Ok so here it is....

I decided to do our bucket list on a white board that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for around 9 bucks! I stained the edges just so it would be a little darker and to make it my own.  Another great option is using a chalkboard, I love me a chalkboard, but I have one too many and wanted something different.   As for how we came up with our list, well there was some help from Pinterest and other things we just came up on our own. This was super simple and easy to do, and has really helped with making our summer thus far super fun!  Also this picture was taken with by phone and uploaded through Instagram, but I used this wonderful app called Beautiful Mess which allows you to make your pictures  extra fun and pretty! oh! and of course Ive printed out these picture using Printicular.
 Anywho, keep scrolling down so you can see more pictures of things we've completed on our Bucket list

Blueberry Pickin
Such a cute little farm just 2 miles away from my home, we just had to go and pick some berries.

Another item on our Bucket List was to bake, Im not much of a baker, but I gave it a shot.  The pie was 
so yummy I had to make another one.

But this time it was Apple Pie! YUM YUM!

and of course I need my little ladies to help

We've also made it out the beach to celebrate our littlest Camilla who is now 2!

and Yay! we also had a picnic while at that beach and had delicious cake and pizza! Another check mark on our Bucket List!

Anywho these were a few of the things we were able to check off our list, but Im pretty sure we're up to about 7 now, so make sure to come back and check out what else we've crossed out.

One more more thing as you can tell Im loving this Beautiful Mess app, I use it as much as I can it just gives my pictures an extra cuteness factor, ha! I guess you can say Im obsessed, ha, ha! The app is only 99 cents and its totes worth it, you guys should give it a go.

Hope to see ya'll soon! (Yes, Im from Texas)

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