Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oh where to begin....

So needless to say Ive been MIA! The reality is that I have commitment issues, ha! From the moment I started this blog I thought what am I getting myself into and as quickly as I got in, I got out! Well not really, my blog was still here, I just stopped posting! Not because of the lack of things to say or things to show you but once again that word COMMITMENT comes up, I just didn't want to commit, it seemed too scary.  Anywho Im back for now, and I cant guarantee for how long, but hopefully I can keep up bc I constantly have projects in the works and think "oh I should blog about that" and then I just don't. Ok so the real reason Im giving this a shot again is bc within the last week I've had a friend ask about my blog and another told me I should have one, and the reality is that I think this potentially could lead to something good, but oh who knows.
Anyways so now that Ive decided to post something, Im sure you want to see what I've been up to, and Ive been up to so much, so much that I didn't know where to begin, ha! But since Im still new at this whole blogging thing and documenting the whole process of completing a project, I decided to start with something I do have a few pictures of and that is my Instagram picture projects.
Im beyond obsessed with Instagram! I love the many apps you can use to make your pictures oh so pretty, and those Instagram filters, I mean enough said. Ive only been on Instagram for about 6 months, but in those 6 months Ive managed to take over 1000 pictures of oh you know EVERYTHING! Even though I have a really nice expensive camera, that yes I still do use, theres nothing like taking a quick snap and making it pretty within seconds and posting to share with everyone you know.  Anyways enough blabbing here are some pictures Ive posted using this awesome app called Printicular, which prints your pictures at your local Walgreens for 39 cents a print. Also theres currently a coupon/code if you enter Partner25 at check out you get 25% off your total, pretty awesome!

Ok, so this is what they look like once printed out they come in two sizes 4x4 and 8x8, Ive only printed out the 4x4's and absolutely love them! Totes Adorbs!

This is the first project I did with the pictures of course Pinterest inspired.  I had tried doing this before with regular pictures and it just wasnt the same until I was able to print the 4x4 size.  The frame I bought at this cute thrift store for 6 bucks, and I think it might have been 25% off too, I painted it white since I figure I couldnt go wrong with that color, ha! I purchased the clothes pins at Hobby Lobby and then stained them just so they would be a little darker.  The felt ball garland I also LOVE! I went through and obsession with felt balls a few months ago, but I have now managed to control that obsession, lol! I purchased the felt balls off of an Etsy shop. The gumball machine and white distressed cabinet were thrift store finds and the aqua tool box was an antique store find.
My next use for these pictures was again just a quick little banner hanging off my new vintage cart which is my current obsession as far as furniture pieces goes.  Decorated the banner just with some yellow burlap at the end, which hello who doesnt love burlap.  My cart is currently decorated with some vintage finds ebay, thrift, and antique stores.

Finally, I did once again a little banner this time using strips of fabrics and just attaching the pictures once again with clothes pins, as you can tell banners/bunting/garlands YES another obsession! Also I got those two free printables of off Pinterest, you can get such cute printables off of there or purchase some off of Etsy.

As of now this is what Ive completed using the Fabulous Instagram pictures, although I still have some prints and of course many more pictures I want to print out, and I also have a project in mind using and old window.  I have a friend who recently did a project using and old window and it came out lovely, mine will be a little different, but Im not 100% sure if thats what I really want to do, anywho you"ll have to check back to find out what I do next!

On a side note this is probably why I dont blog, I went downstairs to find my 6 yr old making a hot mess on the kitchen floor, my 2 yr following her around, and my husband who admits he wasnt watching them, aaahhhh!

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