Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sugar Pie Bench

So what do you know and entry that actually involves crafting, lol! ok let me just get this out of the way and say that my last post was very therapeutic, and the hubby won and we went camping! thats a story of its own.
Anywho so lets talk crafting! So yesterday I decided to change up my "holiday" bench which is now my wannabe "hutch".  So after changing up the front room I moved my bench into the dinning area and initially thought about keeping it just the way it was which was just for the holidays, but I was over the decor and decided to change it up.   It started off with the sign that took maybe an hr to do only bc I had to wait for the stain to dry, well initially I was going to do a FARMHOUSE sign and stencil it in, but a SUGAR PIE sign that I had seen somewhere on line kept popping up in my head.  So I took some chalk and wrote in the words to see if I liked the look of it and I totally did! very crafty, very homemade, so I decided to paint it on.  At this point I still wanted to use it in my kitchen, but I thought it was so random since theres not much going on in there yet, I thought why not the bench.

Well I already had a few pie things related like my red pie safe that I LOVE!

Also I had made these black pie stands out of candle sticks I had bought at goodwill and some wood that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, just a little gorilla glue and spray paint!
Anywho I was happy to have enough things to do this pie theme bc for some reason Im into pie's right now. needless to say I havent baked any pies lately, lol but I love the idea of it, haha! So this is the finish product, and Im pretty happy with it.  I think it makes sense since its in my dinning area and I had been wanting to display the pie stands for awhile, but didnt have anywhere to put them that looked just right!

Anywho I hope you guys enjoyed this post bc I sure did enjoy putting my Sugar Pie bench together!

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