Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doilies and Pallet Wall Decor

Hey y'all so I guess my newest obsession is doilies, ha! Well really Ive always been into them and knew eventually I would want to do some kinda wall decor with them.  On Pinterest you can find some really neat ideas such as doilies on canvas or framed doilies, but I strive to be a little different an opted to use a pallet for this project.

Awhile back I asked the hubbs to go out and find me some pallets and what do you know he came back with a handful and they were free! 

I requested the hubbs help on this one, initially I wanted to hammer out the wood pieces but that seemed a little more difficult than expected. 

I sanded the boards down a bit and used wood glue to attach the pieces together, no nailing or screwing  needed for this project!

I painted the boards a teal, which I love!

I used jute and a staple gun for the back

I used the glue gun to glue down the doilies although I think mod podge would have been a great option but I didn't have enough for the project.  I was also working on a couple of frames that I purchased  at the Salvation Army. I purchased the frame for under $2 and shabby-fied it with some acrylic paint and sand paper.

and this one I painted and added some scrabble letters

Keep in mind this wall/mantel is a work progress but this how the doilies and frames turned out

As always thanks for stopping by and don't forget to keep checking back! Comments are always welcomed love to here what you got going one.

My lovely friend and photographer took the girls pictures you should check her out she's amazing.

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