Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 Hey y'all so over the weekend I decided I needed a new chalkboard in my home because the other 10 I have were just not enough, ha! The reality is I had no plans for a new chalkboard, I usually have this long list of crafts or projects I want to tackle and this was just not on the list. Whatever the case I made it happen! Oh forgive me for not taking as many pictures, but sometimes I'm half way through a project when I realize that I want to blog about it, anywho here we go....

So I knew I wanted the chalkboard to be big! I initially intended on hanging it and wanted to take up most of the wall. So for the frame we purchased some crown molding, we spent about $22.00 for 2 8ft long pieces.

After conditioning the wood I used a stain I had previously used on another project and its one of my favorite stains KONA.

 After staining the crown molding

I used Valspar chalkboard paint and touch up paint kit, both items were about $13

After the first coat of chalkboard paint, I did 2 coats! I purchased a large piece of pine wood and lightly sanded it down before applying the first coat.

We went back and forth on how to attach the frame to the chalkboard, ultimately we decided on using gorilla glue. Both the hubbs and I were a bit concern on how well the glue will hold, but so far so good! Ive used gorilla glue for other projects and haven't had a problem so ultimately I think it will be fine. The reality is I was too lazy to make another trip to Lowe's to buy the correct nails, so you might want to consider doing that!

The finishing touch was a drawer handle I purchased for around $3, it holds my chalk!
So I ended up putting the chalkboard on my mantel, my mantel has been a work in progress for far too long. Believe it or not I'm not crazy about decorating my mantel for holidays, I think I'm still concentrating on my everyday decor that focusing on holidays gets pricey and just don't have time for it. 

Total cost of the chalkboard was around $60! 

Anywho I hope you guys liked the new chalkboard, I'm pretty crazy about it! Love to hear about your DIY chalkboard ideas. As always thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Super cute! Love your entire set up around the fire place!!

    1. Thanks Ann! Everything on my fireplace is pretty much a few of the things that I love, and Im into right!

  2. That looks cute! I too recently used chalkboard paint. I did a table I rescued for the kids to draw on.

    1. Thanks Bobby! I love chalkboard paint and have used it in so many place too!