Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY Burlap, Doilies, and Pom Pom Kitchen Curtain

Hello! I wanted to share a quick DIY burlap kitchen curtains, well the reality is there was nothing quick about it. When you have kiddos it makes any project double in time, from I want my pillow, blankie, milk, snack, can you teach me to sew? The request were endless! Anywho my kitchen window has been bare for far too long,  and I finally decided it was time to make a curtain!  So I decided on burlap, I LOVE burlap! I have been toying with the idea of making burlap curtains since I use burlap on everything else, ha!

I came across this gorgeous teal burlap and thought Id give it a go. I also purchased white pom pom trim to go along the bottom of the curtain.

First thing I did was fold my burlap in half, I  purchased a yard and a half and planned on making 2 panels. The easiest way to cut burlap is to pull a strand all the way through, it will make your cut straight.

I then folded the edges and ironed them down, this made it easier for me to sew.

I then sewed the pom pom along the bottom of the panels

As for the doilies they were an after thought, I had to make a second trip to Joanns for more pom pom trim and ended up purchasing the 2 small white doilies thinking I would use them for a banner.  Once home I realized they would look so darling against the teal burlap. I already had the other 2 doilies!

I opted to glue the doilies on instead of sewing them.  The reality is sewing them would have been such a pain and you can never go wrong with hot glue.

Im so happy with the way they turned out, they matched so well with the flower market sign I already had hanging and those sweet blue mason jars.

What do you think? Please free to comment and as always thanks for checking in.

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