Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun Free Bday!

The "BIG" 29! Is turning 29 a big deal? It kinda is, at least to me. Its my last year in the 20's!  Ever since I can remember Ive dreaded getting older, I mean I enjoy my bday because I love receiving gifts, ha! but getting older is no fun. Id say after 25 things have just gone down hill, ok they really haven't things are better just the number keeps getting bigger, blah!  I dont know what it is I hate about getting older, I just do! Ok, but the reality is Im 29, I have an amazing husband who allows me to stay home, 2 beautiful girls, and a wonderful home that is more than I ever expected.  Instead of throwing myself a pitty party, I should just embrace my age and be thankful for what I have. Anywho enough of me venting on turning 29, I wanted to share how I managed to practically have a fun free bday! As a thrifty gal and someone who's always looking for a great deal, I realized that Im signed up for way too many reward programs.  You know the ones you get asked to join at stores and restaurants and are usually free. Well this past weekend I was on a mission to collect as many of my rewards.  Im signed up to a few rewards programs, but I only collected on four....

First stop, Sonic! Free medium tater tots!
The girls shared and enjoyed the tots.

After the tots we had some fun family time and then we were off again, next stop was Sephora! There I received Benefit mini They're Real Mascara  and Benefit mini Watts Up Luminizer/Highlighter
Ive already used both products and they were wonderful but the benefit watts up highlighter is pretty incredible so much that I will probably purchase it once I ran out of it.

Next was WorldMarket, I had received a $10 off coupon with no minimum purchase.  There I got the cocktail shaker for $9.99, I was off by a penny so I also got this vintage soda pop for $1.49.  

Lastly, I collected at Red Robin and it was actually on the following day.  My friend Ashlee and I went  and had some fun girl time and there I got a free burger and ice cream!

Yay, free ice cream! oh and happy hour margaritas for $3.50 Aaamazing!

My friend Ashley and I having a good old time!

Anywho getting all this great stuff for FREE was so fun! Free food, free gifts, YAY! for me. So wouldnt you like to have as much fun too? So go out there and sign up!

Thanks for checking out my Fun Free Bday, please feel free to comment! I would to hear about your restaurant and store freebies.

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